• About

    Annelies Slabbynck was born in 1968 in Belgium.

    At the age of 17 she started an art education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Aalst (B). For two years she studied Decorative Arts and Crafts. She continued her art studies at the Higher Institute of Visual Arts, Sint-Lucas in Ghent (B), where she focused on the major of ceramics.

    Her first encounter with China took place in 1997, during a four month period, where she stayed at the Central Academy for Art and Design in Beijing.

    In the following years she travelled and lived between Belgium and China; Shanghai.

    Besides working with clay, the use of antique textiles and medical objects as well as experimenting with sewing techniques, took a more prominent place within her art oeuvre.

    Till present her work in the form of textile/ceramics and mixed media art has featured in national and international galleries and museums.

    Since June 2015, she lives permanently in Belgium; in her hometown Ghent.


    Image: 'Surgery' 2018